by Kim Jorgensen Gane

Wow, from a fellow former … ok, WIP … flake, this from @KristenLambTX & #WANACon Mama, is spot on.


Yes, I’m working through that perpetual starter behavior and truly-in-a-meaningful-way-with-a-specific-goal finishing my novel, Bluebirds, in order to pitch it at the Chicago Writers Conference in September 2013. It’s right across the lake. Flights, hotels, finances won’t stand in my way. The only thing that could stand in my way is me. Afraid to fail, afraid to succeed, only my own personal brand of paralysis will keep me from achieving this goal, if I let it. And I won’t.


With amazing mentors like Kristen and so many others on Twitter, and on Facebook, and in *real life* … the cautiously optimistic among my posse … with my wonderful business coach, Nancy Kaye, and my PR guide,, with my monumentally hopeful and supportive husband, and with Grampa making his feathery appearance from time to time, I cannot fail.


Like a breathing thing, #Bluebirds has taken flight, and it simply must be. A starter no more. I’m growing up, and a finisher I will be.


Here’s a back cover blurb about Bluebirds:

“Author Lynette Bower, six years into a battle with infertility, is wrestling with the idea of adoption versus continuing to fight her body to do what it’s supposed to do. Her husband wants her to stop all infertility treatments and pursue adopting an Asian baby. We meet her on the table, receiving her third and final in vitro procedure. As she’s about to leave, a chance meeting with a NICU nurse, who appears (and just as quickly disappears) suspiciously old-fashioned, puts her on a path to meet a terminally ill little boy who will change the course of her life and the way she looks at it forever.”


My main blog site:


My post about Gramps and the bluebirds:



Kristen is very generously picking a winner a month to receive a critique from her of the first 20 pages of a novel, a query letter or synopsis, and I wish like heck that included a copy of her book, We Are Not Alone. It’s definitely on my purchasing wish list!

Kristen Lamb's Blog

Starting is easy. It’s exciting, fun, new and shiny. Anyone can start something. Heck, The Spawn starts at least ten things before 7:30 in the morning. When we start something new, we are pumped. We have people around us cheering. Everything is fun. We seem to have boundless energy.

Starting is necessary, but starting needs to become habit and become focused. The world rewards those who finish. We can start a new book, but once the “new idea smell” has worn off, we must transition into the mature artist’s version of starting, which is Just Do It.

Stick to what you are doing. Get started every day. When the project is weary and tired and so are you, then start again and again and again. Mature professionals ignore their feelings. They know feelings lie and feelings are our inner three-year-old who is easily bored or distracted.

I’ve worked with some…

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