No Off Button

by Kim Jorgensen Gane

*sigh* True, there is No Off Button to parenting, no matter how old our children. Deborah’s heartfelt post really touched me. I thought it was important to share.

Monday Coffee & Other Stories

No Off Button

By Deborah Leigh Norman

Having had a child with an extra chromosome for almost ten years and having lived in three states in that time, I am connected with several listservs, advocacy organizations, newsletters and more. I have found some very useful information for my son from these resources over the years.

Sometimes, however, after reading the title of an email, I hope the information inside will be for me. For example “What to Do During a Meltdown” sounded priceless. However, when I opened the email, the information was for the child’s meltdown, not for mine as I had wished. It included ideas for how parents can help their child during a meltdown, such as giving them a deep pressure hug, offering the child a drink of cold water, or letting the child throw a pillow. These are good suggestions, and different things work for different kids…

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