How to Write A Killer “About” Page that Will Attract New Followers

by Kim Jorgensen Gane

Helpful and thoughtful information about how to nail your About page.


Nail Your About Page If you nail your About page, you can get more blog followers.

Exciting isn’t it?

You receive notification that you have a new follower.  You experience a rush of emotions.  You feel validated, complimented, and like your voice has been heard and acknowledged.  You feel driven to make your new follower’s faith in you well placed.

Other bloggers have the opposite experience when their efforts do not garner them new readership.

There are still others who feel a mixture of confusion when they have both experiences but can not rationally explain why sometimes they get new followers and sometimes they don’t.

This post will explain it.  The key factor rests on the strength of your About page.

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