The Truth About My Mother

@shawnamawna illustrates so beautifully what so many of us wrestle with in our own writing: humanity and humility.

The Honeyed Quill

I was the child of a difficult situation. I write most frequently about abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, and survival. However, I take care to infuse everything I write with the glow of hope that I learned from the first person who decided to interrupt the cycle: my mother.

It may seem strange that I can write about physical and emotional trials and gratefulness in the same breath, but the truth is I am grateful. My experiences helped create who I am today. I am strong, full of courage and I know my own beauty. This is in no small part due to my mother’s insistence that change happen–that the world as it was did not have to be the world always.


In fact, it was my mother who shaped me as a writer. My mother who catered to my curious gifts such as early reading, puzzling and later, synesthesia

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