How to Stay Connected While Writing Your Trauma

Shawna teaches a class, Writing Through Trauma. I wish so much that I lived closer, I would take her class and recommend it to our #Write2TheEnd participants. So many of these roadblocks are the very ones we give the power to block us from getting to our The End. Follow Shawna. Come to love her as I do.

The Honeyed Quill

If you enjoy understatements, here’s one: healing after trauma is hard work. I often find my lips have glued themselves shut when my therapist zeros in on the traumas most alive in me. I’d be terrible at poker.

But here’s the thing–I’m great at putting my head down and getting through. I am strong in multiple ways. When it comes to healing, I don’t give myself a break. We found the tip of the iceberg? Great. Let’s haul that whole sucker out of the water and chip it into slush in the next 45 minutes. Go! It’s a game of catch and release for me with transformation in-between. But sometimes, even with my therapist grounding me, I get lost in the process.


An aspect of trauma is it can make reality slippery. I have post-traumatic stress disorder from violence in my early years. It comes with periodic flashbacks and anxiety…

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