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Author, Freelance Commercial Writer:  Kim Jorgensen Gane is a freelance writer, living and working on Michigan’s sunset coast with her husband, youngest son, standard poodle and a gecko. She’s been every-mom, raising two generations of kids over twenty-seven years. Kim inspires through her writing on a variety of topics including parenting through midlife crisis, writing, health and wellness, personal empowerment, politics, and about anything else that interests her, including flash fiction, her memoir in progress, My Grandfather’s Table: Lessons in Forgiving Myself First, and her novel in progress, Bluebirds.  She is near completion on a non-fiction book that discusses in detail her GANE Empowered Wellness model, and how it has rescued her family.  Kim posts as KimGANEPossible  on BlogHer.com, where she received a Voices of the Year honor in 2013, as well as on her own site, GANEPossible.com. Kim’s award-winning essay has been adapted for inclusion in the upcoming book, 51%: Women and the Future of Politics (see below).

Kim’s skill and passion is in her flair for persuasive writing, with life-affirmation, Universal spirituality, positivism and hope as frequent themes. She can write anything, often with touches of humor. Her husband is a photographer (Scott R. Gane Photography). Together they create vibrant content that sells. Kim supports local businesses as far as Chicago, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Detroit, and South Bend (and with email, Skype, and/or a budget for travel expenses, anywhere else). She is a member of the Berrien Artists Guild and participates actively in writers groups and classes.  When she’s not blogging or writing commercially, she works on her own books in progress.

Areas of expertise include, but are not limited to parenting, midlife, gluten-free diet/lifestyle, travel, natural health/wellness, women’s issues, social media, politics, real estate, design and business. Kim’s writing appears on GANEPossible.com, Generation Fabulous, BlogHer.com (as KimGANEPossible) and GlutenFreeTraveller.com (http://bit.ly/11RYS49), QueenLatifah.com, and Yahoo Contributor Network. Connect or invite Kim to speak: Kim Jorgensen Gane on LinkedIN


GANEPossible.com – The Hub – Kim’s First GANE Possible Publication is Coming Soon! 

Kim encourages, inspires, and coaches clients and readers to embrace an “empowered wellness” lifestyle, and believes there is far #More2Wellness than what we weigh. Through her website, GANE Possible, and her first GANE Possible Publication, Beating the Statistics: A Mother’s Quest to Reclaim Fertility, Halt Autism & Help Her Child Grow From Behavior Failure to Behavior Success (coming, late 2014), she will roll out the GANE Empowered Wellness model she has observed over a lifetime. Her life’s work is inspired by her grandfather, “Scotty,” who lived the philosophy, “All things in moderation,” for all of his 100 years.  Kim’s GANE Possible: GANE Empowered Wellness model empowers individuals to take an active role in their own well-being, and in living well. Kim believes we should expect MORE than to survive into our 90s and beyond; and that we should expect to thrive.  Like many of us, Kim is a work in progress who is inspiring a mind-shift that celebrates small victories, incorporates small changes that have a BIG impact, and which focuses on an appreciation for all we can eat, versus all that we can’t (or shouldn’t).  Kim believes we are at a tipping point, and that the “empowered wellness” model is a recognized movement she intends to promote from her small corner of the midwest to both coasts and beyond. She sees herself as someone who can invite crunchy vegans and harried coupon-clipping, drive-thru moms to dinner at the same table for great collaboration and discussions that promote awareness, tolerance, and change for the better. 

We all start with all there is, it’s how we use it that makes things possible.”

— Henry Ford

Kim is a local director/producer, proudly bringing Listen to Your Mother to her community for the 2015 season. Listen to Your Mother is part local live stage show, part national and international social media movement, Giving Motherhood a Microphone, and celebrating Mother’s Day, in 39 cities across the U.S.  “Stay-at-home humorist,” founder and national director, Ann Imig, thought moms deserved more than brunch on Mother’s Day, and so she introduced this concept with one show in 2010 in Madison, Wisconsin. The blogging community loved it, and Listen to Your Mother has spread to more cities across the U.S. every year since.  Southwest Michigan is a diverse community which is well represented by this season’s incredible cast of local writers reading their own words about motherhood. Each live local stage show is videotaped, and over one thousand individual readings are archived on the YouTube channel, gifting the world this incredible collection of the hilarity, the hard, the heartbreaking, the honor, and the hero in mothering wisdom. But Listen to Your Mother isn’t just by moms for moms, if you’ve known a mother, had a mother, been a mother or wanted to be one, you’ll nod along with the stories represented in a city near you. Listen to Your Mother, Southwest Michigan, takes place Saturday, May 9th, 3:00 P.M., at St. Joseph High School, in the John & Dede Howard Auditorium. Tickets are on sale now.

Kim joined the 2014 cast of Listen to Your Mother in Northwest Indiana!

What If I'd Said, "Just Drive?"

What If I’d Said, “Just Drive?” #SingleMom #SuicidePrevention #ItGetsBetter


Kim was interviewed by talented NYU film student, Eno Brodmann Freedman, for his finals project (2013) honoring single moms: Apparent

(Her participation in the film occurred because of this blog post: What if I’d Said, Just Drive…), which was also featured in the USC MSW program’s recent Suicide Prevention Blog Carnival initiative.


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Kim co-facilitates this local, southwest Michigan writing workshop.


Kim was GOBSMACKED and deeply, deeply honored to have been selected as one of the: 2013 BlogHer Voices of the Year!! For this post:  The Enlightened Middle Majority and Why “The Sides” Are Alienating Us, parts of which have been adapted for inclusion in the book noted below.

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51%: Women and the Future of Politics  —  Among the Authors of this collection of essays and political analysis, to be published and released sometime in early 2014 (Sugati). www.WomenandPolitics.us Press Release put out by the team at 51% regarding BlogHer nod. EnlightenedMiddleMom, featured on BlogHer.com, and now with a Twitter handle of her own: @KimJGaneEMM Where it all started, quite by accident:  http://www.blogher.com/my-friends-think-im-only-liberal-they-know

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Kim is co-Editor with @thekitchwitch, Dana Talusani, of the Judy Blume Project Anthology, as found on Facebook and Twitter (#JudyBlumeProject), which is currently seeking submissions.

Kim’s writing appears on Lost in Suburbia Stories: Fear Factor is Having a Newborn with Teenagers! GANEPossible.com  — Author, Kim Jorgensen Gane: Home of GANE Insight Blog (formerly West Coast Posse) & GANE Wellness Blog You can still follow Kim’s Gluten Free Moms Pinterest Board for all Kim’s favorite #GF resources, which will remain as a resource to those moms who are on the #glutenfree path and still need this level of assistance. In addition, check out the GANEPossible.com board for #MOREin2014 — VARIETY, Vegetables, Water, Movement, Abundance, Joy, Sleep… (Paleoish, lower carb, lower sugar, how to make veggies taste good) pins. LIKE GANE Possible with Kim Jorgensen Gane on Facebook! @KimGANEPossible


Kim volunteers as communications chair for EPWA of (southwest) Michigan Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 5.29.19 PM